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Bandicam is a desktop screen recorder with built-in webcam capture and in game recording.

How Bandicam Can Improve Your Recording Experience

Bandicam is an image-capturing and video-recording program created by Bandisoft to record screen changes and streaming videos. In fact, anything on your screen can be captured as high-quality videos, and this program can also be used to improve your gaming experience.


If you love computer games and need a screen recording program that promises easy image-capturing of games, or if you want to record other parts of your desktop with no impact on the computer’s system, Bandicam may be the right product for you.

Main features of Bandicam

The main feature of Bandicam is its ability to record videos and capture images of streaming videos and games. The program has two modes: one that you can use to capture a certain area of your screen and another that captures games with certain formats.

When this program is active, it will display an FPS count in the corner of your screen. FPS (frames per second) is a tool used to assess the display performance of your device. When the recording is on when you see the FPS count is shown in green, and when the recording has stopped the color turns to red. However, this count will no longer display when recording specific PC areas only.

Just like any other software product, Bandicam comes with pros and cons. One of the main advantages of using Bandisoft‘s program is that you get to try it for free for a limited amount of time. During this testing period any video you record won’t have more than 10 minutes in length, but you will be able to take longer videos after purchasing the product. Bandicam also places a watermark with its name on each screenshot or video you record with it, but you can adjust the screen frames and get rid of the watermark if it bothers you.

You will also be able to record high quality videos with excellent resolutions and even make HD videos. All recorded files can be uploaded to YouTube without any need of conversion due to the small size of the files. After you purchase the program you can record anything you want uninterruptedly, being only limited by the free space available on your Hard Disk.

Bandicam is easy to use and provides a simple user interface with a good selection of recording tools. The main disadvantage of Bandicam is that it can generate game lag and deteriorate gaming experience. Noticeable lag is often experienced when you start and stop a recording, but the product still delivers high quality video game recordings.


System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista


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2016-01-23 22:43:57




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